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AANWINST - Seven-part documentary series on VRT MAX, 2024

Every year, the Flemish Community invests in acquiring contemporary artworks by domestic and foreign artists. Thanks to your and my contribution, over the years we have built up an incredible collection of contemporary art with more than 7,000 works of art. Only a fraction of these are displayed in Flemish museums; most of the collection ends up in a museum depot behind closed doors.


In the seven-part documentary series Aanwinst, we are introduced to ten contemporary artists and their most iconic works that were recently added to the Flemish Community's art collection. Each episode focuses on one artist. central. We dive into their sources of inspiration, their creative process and see how they use different mediums such as painting, sculpture, installation art, video and performance.


More than artist portraits, the series unfolds as an exhibition that discusses various social themes such as colonialism, identity and activism and makes accessible art disciplines such as installations, performance art and painting. 'Aanwinst' shows the versatility and richness of the contemporary art scene in Flanders and gives us the chance to get to know the people behind the works that enrich our culture.

A documentary series produced by Borgerhoff & Lamberigts & VRT Canvas

Supported by Vlaams Audiovisueel Fonds (VAF) & SABAM for Culture

Written by Ralph Collier

Director Robin Stevens

DoP Ivo Nelis

Sound Maarten Ghekiere

Editor Tine Verbist

Producer Ilse Schooneknaep

Production assistant Arne Brown

Special thanks to Janne Deneckere

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