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(...) - Alternating Narratives  28.02 - 30.03.2019

(...) - Alternating Narratives takes as a starting point the punctuation mark (...), as it is used in the book "W or the memory of childhood" by Georges Perec to connect parallel storylines. The series of three dots shows something was omitted in between two sentences, but simultaneously also bridges these two thoughts. It is a tense moment, in which something can be sensed, yet not expressed. 


The exhibition is organised on the occasion of the new integrated site of Sint Lucas Antwerp, which thereby wishes to initiate a first collaboration with the Royal Orthopedagogical Centre Antwerp (KOCA). By following Perec's narrative technique, artist-curator and alumnus Ralph Collier enables both educational institutions to meet in the artistic practices of both graduated and current students of Sint Lucas Antwerp. The participating artists all work in the realm of (...), either by creating situations in which connections are made between both institutions and visitors, or either by exposing the process-oriented nature of their work during the course of the exhibition.

Dispersed over the two schools, the exhibition visually does not differentiate between producing, presenting and exchanging ideas. Performances and workshops add another layer to the rhythm of the exhibition. (...) - Alternating Narratives hence becomes a space for interaction and dialogue between audience and artists, within the daily school environment. The exhibition is then not a static setting for the display of objects, but rather a continuously changing collection of works, inciting a distinct experience upon every visit.


(...) - Alternating Narratives is curated by Ralph Collier and includes work by Stefan Bakmand, Ignace Cami, Katinka De Jonge, Liesje De Laet, Oscar Hugal, Susan Kuijpers, Clara Lissens, Kai Lossgott, An Onghena, Ananda Serné, Alexey Shlyk, Veroniek Van Samang, Tim Verherstraeten, and Emma Verhulst.

Text by Eline Verstegen

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