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An Absence of a Presence  2018

HD video, 6.05min 

Based on a actual event, the film An Absence of a Presence ponders the gap between the viewer and the viewed. The piece provides a psychological portrait of the park Rivierenhof (Deurne, B), the open-air theatre located there, and the surveilled condition of people now. With the crucial switch in perspective, the film attests to the idea that there is no strict dichotomy between the truth of what is present, and the falsity of what is absent, but rather that both are continuously mediated. A fiction observing another fiction.

Like a lucid dream, it invites you to re-evaluate the nature of reality, memory, and a passage of time. The film teases the viewer, shifts what s/he more often than not does not see.

Directed by Ralph Collier 
D.o.P: Matteo Robert Morales 
Camera assistant: N'gare Falise
Sound design: Nathan Foucray
Music composition: Jago Moons 
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