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chapter one ≈ chapter one  31.03 - 19.04.2018

The exhibition that unfolds in a former post office, focuses on the idea of representation which opens up a crack for fiction, imagination and narration. The four participating artist approach it as a place where time can float and things can come in and disappear: That's the structure, it's a time project.

This group show is the result of a clash of appointments. There was one show planned from Clarisse Bruynbroeck and Ralph Collier, another by Damiano Curschellas and Karen Amanda Moser. chapter one ≈ chapter one are two shows intertwined with each other, sharing the same realm to think about this misunderstanding. The exhibition consists of individual works as well as a common publication. As display for such, the group created two extra pillars which function as bookshelves and intervention in the space.

This publication functions as additional space to the group show chapter one ≈ chapter one at BIKINI. It contains two books held together by a dust-jacket, which at the same time contains the floorplan and titlelist. Each book is designed by one of the duos named above.


Voltastrasse 41

4056 Basel, CH

Pictures by Moritz Schermbach

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