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En cours d’installation  7.09 - 1.10.2017

En cours d’installation is a group exhibition initiated by Valerie Traan Gallery that investigates the boundaries of materiality/immateriality and its condition of appearance. The title of this exhibition refers to a marker of time that poses an unfinished process, where things don’t remain in a frozen state and evolve through different conditions.


En cours d’installation is not just a presentation of a group of objects. It is rather an act of creation where elements of light, colour and smell determine the atmosphere and also formally recognisable elements such as a table, a chair and a glass. The artists that are brought together in this exhibition certainly display a number of traits in common. These features don’t come in the form of a theme, technique or particular visual source but they connect through their similar intuition or approach towards defining the vitality of an image or an object.

Valerie Traan is a space for objects and subjects often balancing on the dividing line between design, art and architecture. For this project, that takes place at the Rivoli building in Brussels, Valerie Traan invites Clarisse Bruynbroeck and Ralph Collier to create an exhibition that represents the mindset of the gallery. Therefore, En cours d’installation is an encounter between artists who have a history with the gallery in dialogue with new voices.


En cours d’installation features Annemie Augustijns, Clarisse Bruynbroeck, Karen Amanda Moser, Liesbeth Doms, Muller Van Severen, Ralph Collier, Rikkert Paauw, Stef Van Looveren, Unfold & Barnabé Fillion.

En cours d'installation on Art Viewer

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