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Fake Flowers  16.05 - 22.06.2019

Traveling seemed useless to him, since he believed that the imagination could easily replace the ordinary reality of things.” 


In the Front Space #4 Clarisse Bruynbroeck and Ralph Collier highlight, with Fake Flowers, the impact that fiction has on our lives. Inspired by Joris-Karl Huysmans’ novel À Rebours, the exhibition is based on the staging of our reality. Subtitled “A Novel Without a Plot,” the narrative concerns of main character Des Esseintes’s attempts to escape his secular life and to settle far beyond civilization by creating a sophisticated artificial world.

Fake Flowers plays on the overlaps between fiction and reality, blurring the boundaries between presentation and representation. Anthe Hermans, Damiano Curschellas, Ralph Collier and Tim Verherstraeten explore the use of storytelling, metaphorical language and fiction to investigate how fiction slips into everyday life.

The Front Space #4: Fake Flowers curated by Clarisse Bruynbroeck & Ralph Collier with Anthe Hermans, Damiano Curschellas,

Ralph Collier and Tim Verherstraeten.

Valerie Traan Gallery

Reynderstraat 12

2000 Antwerp

Pictures by Ligia Poplawska

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